CPD points are accrued by taking part in mandatory and elective training activities which are specified by the industry regulator.

The CPD program is part-funded by the regulator - the mandatory component. Elective training courses must be paid for by you, the participant.

When do I start the CPD program?

You must participate in the CPD program in the calendar year following your licence or registration date. For example, if you are registered on any date in 2017, you will need to start participating in the CPD program in the 2018 calendar year.

Do I need to keep records of my training?

Yes. Although the providers of your training will report your attendance at CPD training events, you are also required to obtain and keep records of your attendance. An example CPD training log sheet can be located on the regulator's website.

You need to keep records of your training for a period of four years.

What happens if I do not accrue 10 CPD points each year?

The regulator considers that you have not complied with the program and this may affect the renewal of your licence or certificate of registration. The regulator deals with any instances of non-compliance on a case by case basis but you may be refused renewal of licence or registration or have conditions placed on them.

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