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Course overview

In today's electronic world, digital security has become a colossal issue. Real estate professionals are at increased risk because they rely heavily on electronic devices. A breach in security can result in a loss of money, having confidential client information stolen, and fines or penalties from governing bodies.

This course will show you how to protect yourself and your agency by learning how digital
security can become compromised and ways to reduce that risk.

All real estate professionals and support staff

  • The dangers of bad passwords - and how to fix them.
  • Scams and SPAM - how an innocent-looking email could compromise the trust account.
  • Basics of securing a website against hackers and malicious robots.
  • How one mobile worker could expose a whole business to security threats.
  • Why backups can be the difference between inconvenience and disaster.
  • Types of malware that could gain access to bank details and confidential client information.
  • The biggest threat to an agencys digital security may be poorly-trained staff.

Approval code: REIWA 664

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