CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice

This qualification will be used as the entry level qualification to commence working as a sales representative or property manager. Currently the WA regulator, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), requires completion of seven units for an unrestricted registration (you are able to operate as either a sales representative or property manager) and six units for a restricted registration for property management only.

The new qualification has been structured in a way that makes it much easier for regulators across the country to select skill sets for restricted registrations and/or specialist requirements. This should assist with a more consistent approach by regulators across thecountry and therefore make it much easier for real estate practitioners and agents to be able to move to other states and have their training recognised.

The new Cert. IV qualification is made up of 18 units including 5 core units and two skill sets from the list below (visit training.gov.au for full qualification details).


Changes to registration

We are currently waiting on a decision from DMIRS to the requirements for registration, it is likely that they will request the following options.

  • Unrestricted registration: Full Cert. IV including the sales andproperty managementresidential skill sets and three commercial units (18 units of competency)
  • Restricted sales registration: Core units and sales residential skill set and three commercial units (13 units of competency)
  • Restrictedproperty managementregistration: Core units andproperty management residential skill set (12 units of competency)

How does this affect existing representatives?

The new qualifications will have no impact on existing sales representatives and property managers as long as they maintain the currency of their registration. DMIRS have indicated that they will not require a retrospective update of training for anyone who holds a current registration.

If a registration lapses, or is cancelled, then there may be a requirement to complete the new qualification in order to renew a registration. It is therefore more important than ever that representatives ensure they complete their CPD requirements each year as DMIRS will commence issuing fines to those who do not comply and have already made it very difficult for representatives to 'make up' points from previous years.

It is important to note that currently the sales registration course allows you to operate as both a sales representative andproperty managerafter completing only seven units. Under the new registration requirements the only option to operate 'unrestricted' is to complete the full Cert. IV (visit the DMIRS website for further information).

What this means right now!

The new qualifications were endorsed on 25 February 2019 and was released on training.gov.au on 21 March 2019. All Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) across the country now have 12 months to 'teach out' the current qualifications. This requires that all students currently enrolled must be completed within that time frame as RTO's will be unable to issue old qualifications after 20 March 2020. RTO's will need to transition students to the new qualifications if they are unable to complete them by the teach out deadline.

Transition planning

We are hoping to be ready to commence delivery of the new qualifications for registration inOctober 2019. As the sales and property management registration course duration is only four months, all students will be completed during the 'teach out' phase as we will not enrol students in the current qualification once the new qualification is ready to be delivered.

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