Start your career in real estate

WA is a huge state and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to succeed here. There are so many career paths available under the umbrella of real estate, so where do you start?

Generally if you've got a bit of energy and enthusiasm, and you're good with people, you'll do well in real estate. However, you'll also need a fair bit of expert knowledge and understanding of real estate in WA. After completing one of our entry level courses you'll be on your way.

Entry level courses

Our registration courses will arm you with the training requirements you need to register with the industry regulator so you can start working in a licensed real estate office in WA. Whether you want to complete the sales representatives or property management training, the choice is up to you.

Sales Representative Registration

Our Sales Representatives Registration Course is entry level to get you started in real estate as a residential sales representative. You'll gain knowledge in real estate legislation, property appraisal, marketing, negotiation and much more.

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Property Management Registration

Our Property Management Registration Course is entry level to get you started as a residential property manager. You'll gain knowledge in listing and marketing property for lease, managing tenancy agreements, legislation and much more.

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